EvE's bOuncIn tAles of jennism (mirror_egami) wrote,
EvE's bOuncIn tAles of jennism


I have to say, it has been a long time since we've last met. A few updates are in order. Jenny is newly single and is rather content with herself so no pity is in order (cuz, you know, I've kept in such good touch with you people on lj...) Anyhow, I'm almost done with the spring semester, where I participated in the annual student dance show which got positive reviews :) Dance has come into my life without warning and is now taking over about 15% of my classes. This disease began with Ballet I, manifested itself into Modern dance I, and is now transitioning into Tap dancing next fall :) Well. Enough of that.

Piano is going well, it's been very stable lately. I'm working on Chopin's f minor etude (and I'll probably be saying that for a while), along with Liszt's Liebestraum, which I started at 16 and never got to finish. I'm still holding on to a number of clients, but that'll probably change in the summer. Jenny is ging to Perugia, (Italy!) in July to study abroad for a short semester (I don't even know what to expect) and hopefully taking a seminar in Women's Studies at Yale before this in June with Mayuri :)

Lovely factoids being exercised here. Um... I'm a newly licensed notary and treasurer of the Hillel (yay for official positions). And now I plan on wandering off to my piano. 

Later :)
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