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where's jenny???

I am not wallowing. I repeat: I. Do. Not Wallow. I'm simply typing away to make this pain fade. I just can't figure out why it's there. I was litlerally dragged to NJ this weekend where I got labeled. It was a moment where the old Jenny took over and wouldn't let me explain. 
I don't know why I ca't concentrate on anything tonight. It's like this perpetual wave of sorrowness just decided to choke back any sign of function tonight. I want to be released. I haven't felt like this since high school. (that's when you now a person gets old....) 

Jenny be 20 on Tuesday....oo I can finally have my name rhyme with my age! that's kinda cool. This is where the poetic dorkness shines through. 

Hm. How can we make Jenny happy again? this is so weird. t's been such a long time since this kind of sadness washed over me. It's the kind where tears are always onthe brim, with a grimace stapled to your face for hours. it's the kind where you don't want to let anyone know, but you tell them anyway bc they know something's not right. I do that a lot. 

Anyway. I'm gonna go live life.
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