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hallow's eve!

yeow. when did life become so hectic?! (and merry hallow's eve! :P)

jenny went to school from 10 50-4 30, drove home, went to work till 8, went to court to battle parking ticket ( I won my case! woohoo!) then come home to drive bro to laundry; am now breathing. remember the days when we'd complain of having nothing to do?! where did they go?!?!?!?!!

I miss you days! come back! back i say! I'm gonna be a cheerleader tomorrow! 

onto updates. life updates, that is. um...alex is engaged! :;shock shock shock:: but yay! :) jenny is thinking of finishing her business minor after all instead of dropping it bc it seems to be useful (today we learned how to answer questions in interviews:) and is loving her ballet class (yay again!)

I'm getting new clients left and right, which is good but its keeping me from spending time with anyone, and randi's goin back to israel in january :(

oo! i might study abroad in italy this summer! yayyayayay!

off i go to live life and watch sex and the city

catchya later :)
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