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do you see those slippers? they're gonna have use soon :) yay ballet :P

today was interessant. Josh et Jenny allez a la parc pour joue un jeux avec leur amies, mais apres cette ideaa, il ya quelquechose que ne travaille pas avec cette er, "plan." Notre amies ne veux pas joue le basket boules ou autre sport, et a cause de cette decision, nous besoin de part a la cafe apres cette aniversaire. (Jenny etais tres triste apres cette decision parce que sa amies ne veux pas etre heureuse et energetique)

alright, i'll do you all a favor. English. Aujourd'hui,...I kid ;)  I love the disguise that these words carry. I can say anything and I won't feel....naked. Yay pour les autre langues dans cette monde ;) Je me manque francais. Beaucoup. Ok, I promise I'm done :D

I felt a lot of mixed things today. My stomach was acting up (and I still can't figure out why) but Jenny ain't no party pooper. So I sack (sucked?) it up and proceeded with the "plans." But some didn't work. Not that I minded so much, we got our volleyball game :) And a Goshua was happy, that's probably what I cared most about ;)

Chopin is coming along really well. I'm so relieved that I'm back with practicing and my repertoire. I will not let that go. Everrr...::stabs 9-5::

Jenny have Brooklyn tomorrow....please don't let me go in on Wednesday (it's the jewish Valentine's day!! hehe) gota see Shimy b4 I quit.

I think it's ironic how I can't wait for school to start. But I'm afraid it'll be different this time around. First year was amazing. I didn't know life could get that good...I hope that doesn't fade.

Jenny spent Shabbat in Oceanside...with a Goshua :) and boyfoot with house-face. First signs of intense stomach pain... I was jolted awake and didn't know how to go about it. It hurt so so sososososososos much :( and it's still there...whyyy. What did I doo?

I hope my atorney hasn't forgotten my name..that would be bad..

I think my thought are officially rhapsodically rampant and in denial with incognito tones and fonts. Quite the facade we're playing here.

My nails are taffy red! I ran through sprinklers with my michal<3 and made more entires with my goshua<3 

adieu mon affiche...
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