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i miss july :(

wow. where has july run off to? I guess this is what happens when you don't stop to think about what happenes- it just runs away and all fo a suden school's in a month and you have no more lax days. This month consisted of a lot of pool-ing, kayaking, movie-ing, tennis-ing, seeing old friends, and all the good things that July brings. It was a good month...everything I wanted came true. My internship is going really well, I did legal research at the Supreme Court last Friday before we headed up to yonkers for the Sabbath with Josh; that was an itneresting experience in itself. In one weekend I've managed to see every possible side of a few people, got locked out of my room, 3 guys got tickets for drinking/loitering...well, you see where it went. I had a good time for the most part; I was with people I trust and love. I kept thinking the entire shabbos how quickly we all got so close. Who knew in Sept that the quiet girl sitting next to me would be Erin, or that the lazy boy in the corner who looked so small would be Shlomo...you really never know who you're going to end up with. It was in the back (middle?) of my mind throughout, reappearing when I was endeavoring to catch the sunset behind it's peeking torment. 
I started working for my mother in brooklyn last week, which I suppose was when I realized my growing animosity toward 9-5. It's such a waste of time. I detest the word boss. (I'm sorry Hugo, that excludes you in most cases.) I could sit here and complain about it. Or I could realize that it's ending soon and school's starting in a month. (yay!) If I were going back to HAFTR, I'd dread it with a passion. But it's queens. hurrayy.josh is 21! ::dances::
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