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summer days...

I think this is the time where we start realizing how easily we let things go. My clients are all awol and I don't really care. The studio job I was promised is not looking promising and I'm content with that. Point of this entry really is to keep track of the last few days, in all their bountiful events. Sat. night was spent in queens as usual with all the fun people of Queens that we miss too quickly, while Sunday revolved around a beach ambiance with mordi and his friend (it felt weird being there without the filo). tennis came around later on for a bit where Jenny met Scott (yay!) and possibly played the one game of tennis where my sucking streak did not reveal itself. Monday I think was spent with more tennis in oceanside park with randii and another guy, whiel the night consisted of game show watching with a filo. Tuesday.... beach adventure! tzvi, jake, jenny and josh wandered over to look for volleyball possibilities, when we met up with fellow uqeens collgers and ended up playing football where my filo scored the winning touchdown :) wednesday revolved around errands and interning...with aj! yay!! thursday (today) had a guy theme to it where rafi, josh, tzvi, new guy johnathan and jenny played roller hockey (sucking streak came back) and then tennis (i think i'm getting progressively worse).. now i'm just waiting for the piano teacher and hopefully the randi bbq will happen tonite...catcha later :)

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