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dun dun dun

Yes, it's been forever. classes are going well. my greek class is a lot of fun (and not as intimidating as i thought it would be) my crative writing class is beginning to irk me, american lit is well, american lit, acting is prepping me for law school (or so i think), and music is curl-up-in-a-ball-and-appreciative ;)

AND I'M GOING OUT WITH JOSH :D YAY!! :does the happy jenny dance::

so, spring break. I fly to Vegas tom night, i spent the last few days at my girl, randi's house cuz she just flew in from israel for a few days. it was interesting. i tried hard not to let myself see the "change" in anyone, but it shows.

i am now an english (pre-law yo) major/ business honors! (haha believe thattt) minor w00t

yea i gtg pack and eat and all hose passover things. till next time....

how unpredictable.
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