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Hey. It's me. this weekend was good but bad. Today was bad. Wednesday I did the paper...Thursday I did the paper and then had a recital where I messed up...Friday I had a piano lesson and dd the paper (I'll tell youall about this lovely paper soon) Saturday, we had people over for lunch (Jessica :) and then I fell asleep, woke up with the epiphany of going to the mall, went to Bath and Body Works and got peppermint oil, then I saw hand lotions/soaps on sale, so I got Laura coconut lotion and when I went to pay, the lady forgot to mark up my really expensive peppermint oil (tiny bottle for ike 20 bucks) so I got about 40 bucks of merchandise for like 10...that was a gift in itself ;)
You know, for an english major this journal really is kinda disgraceful...but that's where the beauty is ;) Anyhow, after I went to lotsa stores, but couldn't actually find wearable clothes. (have you seen what they think girls wear these days?!) so I finally went to Aeropostle and got 3 long sleeve tops, 2 sweaters and 3 lacy tanks, and decided that I was overly content with my purchas(es). I spent over 100, and they gav me a free teddy bear! He's so cuddly! 
 then Josh calle and said his family was at a restaurant a block away from my place so I stopped by to say hi (kinda awkward but it was funny) and thn I decided that I wanted to spend time with my beautiful laura so I called her and bam. Party that night. So Jenny drove over to queens where he partied (softcore) and hung out with the beautiful laura and the finace-ing couple ad then went home early at 12 30. Of course, I was on the phone with Josh till 3...but the majority of it was restful.
 Now today...was A NGIHTMARE. I woke up with the worst pain in my bck (i think i either have a knot or i threw my back out? wtvr that's called...) and I gave a lsson at 10 (they were mean!!!) gave a lesson at 11 (still mean!) came home, drove bro to sat studying, came home, picked him up, drove him to the laundomat, came home, did more paper, picked him up, drove him to far rockaway, came home, folded laundry and collapsed.
 Then I decided to try to make this day beter....so Josh calls and I had cheese (mmmmm) and elgaly blonde was (is still) on and then Jake called and all was peaceful. And hen I shwered with beautiful lotions.... :) off i go to avoid proofreading and sleepyy. nitey =)
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