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I refuse to label this summer as over !!! (growl.) This past week has been so...busy I think would describe it. and decorate it. and surround it. and make it stand out from all others. It's reminded me of before the summer, when life revolved around business and "have tos" and "if you don't do this you'll.." etc. Sat night we were in queens...and saw cool runnings in julie's apt. Sunday was beach/ ngiht at julie's again with aladdin and bbq, monday was spent in brooklyn, then a goshua showed up with blindfolding methods of stepping up to his feminine side.... :P followed by chocolate devotion and oreo splashes at the site of interning :D Tuesday was spent interning, followed by going into queens with a goshua for parking things and bookstore things ( jenny won the lottery! rejoice!) er, the parkiing lottery, that is.  Then we went back to Cedarhurst park on the blanket and watched Italian opera under the sunset (haha, you knoww it :) Wednesday was spent working, night at 7-11 and um, reparking Jenny's car.... Thursday- more work and more Josh with the gazebo...and today was dentist with 3 kids (skylar= epitome of adorableness....maybe jenny will have more than adopted pets? question elft unanswered till the next skylar comes along...;) And a goshua is sleeping over! yayyy :) ::dances:: off I go to hide form cleaning....bye bye

summer of 2006...i seize thee!
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