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I wish I recorded what's been happening in the past few days sooner. I think this 'tale' began on Thursday unraveling discreetly as the entire world began to lose track of time...
The shavuot part of it was spent at Eytan's place with a Goshua, where Eytan's intellect was unearthed once again as he put a twist to it with (surprise) a bottle of whipped cream. There was a lot of Julie and Faska involved, enveloped in an ambiance that contained a purple tint to it. Then sat. night we got food at Shimon's where I saw Maggie and everyone was there for a second and then dissappeared...
Sunday Josh and I drove into Queens then hit the city where we met up with the gang in central Park at a crazy concert; then we went back to Queens for food and Julie's house.. and then doris and Dani came and Oreos joined in... and Julie helepd me pick out my interview outfit...speaking of which... I woke up at 10 34 and the thing was at 10 but I did look presentable with those killer heels and lacy top... I htink I got there at around 11 40 ? she didn't mind; Apparently it wasn't an interview, she hsowed me around and shwoed me my office ( didn't even know I had one) and then gave me a contract to look through and evidence( or rather, lack of) for a case that I have to finish looking through tomorrow. She made it sound simple but looking through that legal jargon was a bit intimidating... maybe I'm not cut out for law? But anyway, who is? middle aged five towns men with toupes and anorexic wives ? WHo knows... I'll try it. Then we shall speak. I think what made this week/end so memoriable was the presence of the Goshua and certain other people. I hope this summer works. ::crosses fingers::

toodles. haha o the hyenas....

p.s. only 3 grades posted...
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