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Today was... eventful, in an unexpected way. Jenny woke up at 7 to do power yoga. Then Greek final (no idea how I did...) then dropped off Lit. paper, then picked up short story grade(A!yay!!), then saw erin/fogel/aaron then drove home, then drove all by myself to oceanside where Josh and I went to get yeast for pizza making and Jenny got to ride in a shopping cart the whole time :) then we made dough and played football/'hockey'/softball to wait for dough to rise then we cooked it and then eating and mom-meeting and walking around block to distribute free pizza...who knew it could be so HARD?! it would've been impossible if we sold it...! oo and last night rollerblading happened with fort minor waltzing (well, sorta...)

and now Jenny can't wait for weekend bc she will finally be left alone via the parental unit.

oo and Jenny's hosting something! shh!! yay!!

1 more final left....we can do this....

p.s. :P
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