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um...hi!!! ::scarily enthusiastic wave::


ok, you cannot kill me! (you being a vitual writing space and me being your fill-er...glad we're clear on this :)
this would be the ultimate means of procrastination; you acting as the distracting device and me being the utilizer who does not know any better...o, when will she learn ?

i'd say today carried an interesting turn of events. the rain seemed to carry more weight today with determining our activities. when will summer usurp its reign perpetually ?! usurp i say!! (sorry, had to get out the rest of the mary titfer lingering in me...when will SHE go away? ::ponders::)

o, right. today. jenny woke up to a beautiful sun-day and then josh picked her up and we started driving into queens expecting a bbq picnic but then it started raining and we got lost but josh was there so it didnt really damper much, if anything at all :) and then we ended up driving back to the five towns where he was all daring and tried the ::drumroll:: whole wheat veggie cheese personal pizza. and thenn we visited nick the greek florist where jenny realized that she might have to study harder for her greek final than she thought she would...(thelo va milaw ellinikia poli kala meta mathano poli ;) yea i think i'm in the process of switching languages... den ksero pos va milaw poli stin ellinikia ala prepei va grapho topa giati mipos avtos kala gia mou ? pia kserei ??

after the florist, it got nice out so we roller bladed (backwards :) in supermarkets and parking lots ::dances::
and hen jenny got obmbarded with some news after she fell asleep and procrastinated further from her eliot essay,. btw, it is now 1 am...which means i'e been procrastinating here too...eeeep. off i go. giasou :)
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